My Top 5 Tips for V20s

My Top 5 Tips for V20s

As the new academic year begins I would like to offer some advice to the incoming students.  My Top Five Tips come from what I’ve learned in my years working with new veterinary students at Cummings School.

  1. Join at least one student organization. This is a great way to meet your classmates as well as students in other classes, and to explore areas that interest you.  All of the clubs will be represented at the SAVMA Barbecue, so be sure to attend!
  2. Don’t overcommit your time; you’ll probably find that you have to spend more time studying than you did as an undergraduate student. One or two extracurricular activities might be perfect for you as a new student. Many students participate in several clubs, have jobs, and become class officers. You may wish to do the same, but it’s usually best to settle in a bit before making too many commitments.
  3. Seek-out members of the V19 class for advice. The second year students remember just what it’s like to be a new veterinary student.  They want to help make your transition to veterinary school as seamless as possible.
  4. Exercise! You may not have time for lengthy workouts every day, but you can fit activity into your schedule most days.  If you find you can’t get to the gym or go for a run as often as you’d like consider buying a jump rope, or weights, or other small pieces of inexpensive equipment to have at home to use during study breaks.  Park away from your lecture hall location and walk across campus some days.  Join classmates for their lunchtime dog walks once or twice a week.  A little bit of exercise is better than no exercise.
  5. Invest in a cookbook that provides quick and easy recipes, or find those recipes online. Consider setting time aside on a weekend day to make and freeze meals for the upcoming week.

The members of the Student and Academic Affairs Offices are excited about welcoming the V20 students to our campus.  Please do not hesitate to contact us (or visit us—we are in the Administration Building) with any questions or concerns you might have.



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