Twinning is Winning

Twinning is Winning

Airplane on Bangladesh map.On July 15th at 2.25am, four faculty members from Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (CVASU) boarded a plane from Dhaka Hazrat Shah Jalal Airport in Bangladesh, bound for Boston. Twenty-four hours later they arrived in Westborough, MA, ready for a two-week visit at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.

The visit was part of the ongoing ‘Twinning Program’ through the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), which matched Cummings School with CVASU in 2014. Since then, faculty and students from both universities have visited the other’s campus, sharing ideas and best practices along the way.

Dr. Abdul Ahad, Professor and Head of the Department of Microbiology Veterinary Public Health at CVASU, shared these highlights:

Tufts Ambulatory Clinic


On the moo’ve with Ambulatory Services.

We went to Tufts Ambulatory Clinic in Connecticut. This was very relevant to our country. We went on call with Dr. Lindsay Philips to a commercial dairy farm with more than 1000 cattle. We observed the herd management system, shade cooling system, on spot pregnancy diagnosis with the help of portable ultrasound and rectal palpation, milk collection, cooling and treatment of different infected cows.

Problem Based Learning

There was a demonstration of how to conduct a Problem Based Learning (PBL) session using an example on “Reduced milk production” prepared by CVASU faculty. The session was conducted by Dr. Cotter with three Cummings School students.  We observed the interaction among the student and the facilitators during the session. In a different discussion session with Dr. Byrnes andDr.  Keyerleber we learned more about the purpose of PBL (group and self-learning, improving communication skills, etc.), optimal group size, role of facilitators, and the need to focus on learning objectives. We hope to effectively implement PBL in our university.

Touring the Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine Campus

Curriculum and Pathology

We learned about veterinary curriculum from Dr. Angie Warner, and the format of teaching in the clinical pathology rotation from Dr. Parry Bain and a group of 7 students. Dr. Bain discussed histopathological slides of different infectious diseases of dog and cat and explained the pathogenesis of infectious disease, and cell morphology under lower and higher magnification. This session gave us ideas about how to explain the mechanism of disease process and differentiate different cellular particles with organisms, like how to differentiate fungus and protozoa, lymphocyte and monocyte, and bacteria under lower and higher magnification.

Tufts at Tech

This is a very unique system of rendering services to pet owners with a very minimal charge. It showed us how veterinary students, high school students, and the community are mutually benefitted with concerted efforts.


Enjoying a barbecue with Tufts at Tech’s Dr. Gregory Wolfus.

Bowling 3

Another strike for the Twinning Program!