9 Campus Breaks that Feature the Fall

9 Campus Breaks that Feature the Fall

Fall semester is in full swing. In the midst of exams, meetings, rotations, and rounds, remember to slow down and take a break from time to time.

Enjoy our New England campus with these 9 autumnal breaks:

  1. The Tree of Opals by William Wainwright

    Exercise together. From soccer on Sunday to running club on Tuesday, there are groups of people on campus who get together every week to get the heart rate up and enjoy the outdoors. Grab a partner, hit some tennis balls and watch the leaves fall.

  2. Appreciate the opals. There’s one tree on campus that changes color by the second. The Tree of Opals, in front of Foster Hospital for Small Animals, looks beautiful against the autumn backdrop. Take a lap around the sculpture to appreciate the reflections, then carry on.
  3. Lunchtime dog walk. Walking the beagles at lunch is good for both you and the pups. Enjoy the fall weather with a furry friend, email Kimberly.Gaspie@tufts.edu for more information.
  4. Photosynthesize. Watch the same tree every day and notice the change. Take yourself out of your routine for sixty seconds, see something beautiful, and slow down the season.
  5. Follow the sign for farm-fresh eggs.

    Egg break. Take a walk up to the barn to buy fresh eggs. Fresh air + fall leaves + fresh eggs = a win-win-win.

  6. Foliage Meditation. Find a spot outside, close your eyes, and take 3 deep breaths. Repeat as necessary. For faculty and staff that enjoy meditating together, there is a meditation group that meets on Wednesdays in Tufts Wellness Services building. Contact Janet Fontana for more information.
  7. Park inconveniently. Park on the other side of campus and take in a brisk morning walk.
  8. Vitamin D for lunch. Take advantage of the numerous benches, picnic tables, and green spaces around campus to enjoy your lunch. Grab a sandwich and bask in some sun.
  9. Pumpkin spice up your life. Enjoy your coffee break with a pumpkin spice twist, now brewing at Elms Cafe.cummings-school-facilities-013