Submission Guidelines

Part blog, part virtual spotlight, Cummings Voices tells the story of the Cummings community. It is the place to share your thoughts, experiences and ideas, and to find out what’s going on within your community.

We welcome everyone who is a part of Cummings community to contribute. We want to know about your lab, summer abroad, top tips, challenges, triumphs and aspirations!

Contributing is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • Write your post in a word document.
  • Attach a picture or two.
  • Submit by emailing your post to

Prior to publishing, all submissions go through a review process and may be copy-edited by the Cummings Voices Editorial Team. If further changes need to be made you will be contacted directly.


More information:

Who can submit:

Anyone who is a member of the Cummings community is welcome to submit. This includes faculty, students, alumni, donors, staff, clients and volunteers.


Let this be a platform for your professional passion.  Whether you want to tell us about a new hypothesis or your latest run in with a hippopotamus, we want to hear it. Give us a ‘day in the life of’ piece. Channel your inner Herriot. How about some tips and tricks? A bit of photojournalism? Give advice for current or future students. Or, tackle some current issues. Anything relevant to and appropriate for the Cummings community is welcome.

Blog Length:

General Guideline: 400-800 words (Multi-part series are possible—let’s talk!)

Questions? You can reach the editorial team at, for information and support.